Why You Should Rent A Hawaii Vacation Home Or Condo And Questions To Ask Before You Book

Trying to decide whether to book a Hawaii vacation package, Hawaii hotel, or a Hawaii vacation rental? Here's a few reasons for opting for a vacation rental or condo:


Vacation rentals or condos can be found for under $ 100 a day. Often, included in the price are additional amenities such as surfboards, snorkeling and fishing equipment, kayaks, and beach toys. Little extras like board games at the home can be a wonderful way to relax in the evening after a long day at the beach. Kitchens that come with these rents are usually stocked with pots, pans, utensils, and the like, so you can save even more on meal costs.


Most vacation rentals or condos are located on the beach or steps away, allowing you to spend more time at the beach, often with more privacy, and a stay at home feel. You'll spend more time relaxing on the beach if you do not have to fight for beach space or walk far from your hotel room. Local access. Many vacation rentals are located within neighboring areas, so not only do you have more privacy, but you're close to nearby stores, shopping, and activities. Even though you are a tourist, you can blend in with the locals.

Questions and things to consider before you book your Hawaii vacation rental: Fees and taxes. Are all fees and taxes included in the price? Cleaning fees and deposits can add a lot to your vacation cost. Check-out times – will the check-out time work with your flight home? If you have a late flight home you might want to negotiate your last day's rate so you can spend a few more hours at the beach. Does your rental require you to clean the linens? You may or may not be willing to spend your last few hours doing laundry. Deposits. Do they charge a security deposit and is it returned after you leave or on your last day? Clarify with the owner because you can notgue over deposits after you've left the islands.