Why Not Travel As an Insider?

It's that time of the year again, vacation time. You pack your suitcase, let your 9 to 5 job know that you are going to be getting away for some time and then you hit the plane and off you go. Let's back up for a minute, how did you book your travel? Sure you could have called the few brick and mortar travel agencies left but opportunities are you booked your travel through the internet. You return from your vacation, with a ton of pictures and memories but that's it, till next year …. what if I told you that you could actually booked the travel on your OWN website and have gotten paid to travel. Now I have your attention.

Right now travel is exploding, already it is a 7 trillion a year business worldwide. That's 19 Billion per day, 799 million per hour, 13 million per minute. Travel is growing 23% faster than the global economy. It is predicated to grow to 14 trillion worldwide by the end of the decade. Over 80 million Americans booked travel on line last year, and that number is estimated to double over the next 3 years. When you combine the above facts with the power of the internet and the convenience of a home based business you have a great business opportunity. Enter the YTB home based travel agencies.

YTB ​​stands for your travel business. YTB ​​offers the everyday person like you and me the opportunity to own our very own fully automated web based travel site which is back by Travelocity. YTB ​​offers online travel booking services as wholesale prices for air, hotels, car rentals, cruises, upgrades, vacation packages, and group travel. YTB ​​also offers bookings facilities for golf, scuba and most theme related vacation packages. Not to mention entertainment and sporting events.

So now the everyday person can book all these services and more right on their personal websites and get paid a 60% commission on everything booked through your site, whether you book the travel, a friend, or a stranger !!! On top of that, come tax time you can write all these services off because you are now a business owner and a travel professional. I hope you see now why it does not make any sense to book your travel "online" with one of the other travel sites when you could book it on your own site and save, get paid and write it off come tax time.