What to See on Your Holidays to Guernsey

A British Crown dependency, located off the coast of Normandy, Guernsey is an island, with a cluster of islands around it. It is not part of the United Kingdom, though a possession of the crown. This tiny island consists of two main demographic regions, namely the Bas Pas, which is the low lying sandy region and the Haut pas, the southern plateau which is on a higher level. The climate around here is cool most of the year, but the summers are hot, but not unbearable.

For people interested in visiting Guernsey, they should plan it around August to December, since this is the best time to see the sights. Of all the places to see, these five mentioned below are not to be missed.

The island Capital city of St Peter's port is a must visit for all those flying into Guernsey. There are plenty of wealthy ship builders and private ship owners in this town, who offer their services for those interested in seeing the sights around the islands. The blend of different architectural styles and the influences of the west are very visible from their way of living. Those who are into shopping will find all goods, jewelery, clothes, and even technology related devices to be far cheaper than elsewhere.

A low lying wetland in Guernsey, La Claire mare has one of the best natural reserves in this side of the world. Reed beds, wet marshlands, and plenty of open space, this place is home to some of the most exotic species of birds, warblers and even ducks. Some of the endangered species of birds, such as Aquatic Warblers come here regularly every august, so if you travel around this time, be sure to have your binoculars ready.

One of the larger parishes in Guernsey, St Sampson is the oldest churches around. Take a trip to this church, to catch a glimpse of how beautiful the architecture is, and the intricate designs etched on the walls are still alive. Within the parish, there is a prison complex, the skating park, Delancey Park, and even the St Sampson secondary school. The vast area is always brimming with activities and people from all across the world.

The Guernsey Diamond museum is a museum that houses some of the finest pure diamonds from around the world and is a fas for those who love jewelery. Being able to see some exquisite pieces, and some jewels made with thousands of diamonds is a once in a lifetime experience for many.

Port Talbot is a valley that is lush with greenery and has beautiful meadows along the roads is what makes the drive down this path joyous. People who come to Guernsey always make it a point to drive past this Talbot valley, just so they can frighten their eyes on something that looks like it came out of a picture postcard.