What I Learned on Summer Vacation!

Today I want to share with you the lesson I learned at Disneyland. Yes, you read that right … Disneyland!

After our conference in Ontario, California, we decided to take the kids to Disneyland. Now, I have heard horror stories about the long lines for the major rides, and that a family could spend hours and hours waiting in line instead of enjoying their time at the park.

So, we cruised the Internet to see if we could find a solution to this problem. My wife found a really cool software program that helped us avoid most of the lines. In fact, most of our wait times were about 10 to 15 minutes and there were only three times when we had to wait about 30 minutes. And we rode all of the major rides; some more than once.

Now, before I tell you the name of this incredible software program, let me tell you some of the lessons I learned from this experience that you can apply to your own online business!

First, let me tell you how the software program works. You tell the program which rides you want to ride, and it searches all of the estimated traffic patterns for the people in the park that day and gives you a print out detail what order you should ride those rides. Now, this also works in conjunction with a really cool system that Disneyland has in place. It is called "Fast Pass" and it works like this:

If you want to ride a very popular ride, then you go to that ride and find the special machines that offer a "Fast Pass" ticket. These tickets tell you a time later in the day when you can come back and enter the "Fast Pass" line.

So when you come to a popular ride in Disneyland, there is always the regular line and there is the "Fast Pass" line. Just by showing your "Fast Pass" ticket (that you received an hour earlier), you can avoid the regular line and use the "Fast Pass" line to go right up to the head of the line for the ride, passing hundreds of people along the way.

So what is Disneyland teaching us? If you are willing to delay gratification and you have a plan, you can avoid competition and be successful in your online business (or any business for that matter).

Now, success in this case is riding a ride. And of course, your competition is the line of people waiting to ride the ride (who are standing between you and success). But if you are willing to delay gratification for a little while, not chasing the quick buck, then you will build an online business that has structure and permanence.

Meaning, by using the proper online tools you can research your niche, find what they want, do a little keyword research and rank high in the search engines for keyword terms that are not as competitive. But realize there are differences of internet search tools.

By delaying gratification (not trying to replace your day job income in two months!) And having a well thought-out plan (preferably with some help from someone who knows a little about online marketing), in the long run, you will make more money in less time!

So plan ahead, get some knowledge under your belt, and then walk past the thousands of websites in your niche to the head of the line-then enjoy the sweet ride of success! Fasten your seat belts and keep your hands in the vehicle at all times! Then, maybe you can make $ 2000 a day in an internet business ..

Oh, I almost forgot. That software program is found at http://www.RideMax.com