Vacation Limo Hire

Vacationing can be very stressful, not to mention very expensive. The rising fuel costs have sent everything skyrocketing including plane fair. Renting a car can also get expensive because you still have to buy gas. Vacationing is stressful, add to that an unfamiliar city and that stress level can double. If you want a less stressful vacation why not hire a limo to drive you around where you want to go. Many limo hire companies have vacation packages. If you have children some companies let them ride free and some may even have child safety seats. So ask the company you hire what they have available.

If a golfing vacation is what you're looking for, then a golf limo package in Ireland is the best and most beautiful way to go. Not only does the limo pick you up but it will bring you to the most beautiful courses in the country like Donegal, and Tralee. Some will provide breakfast and hotels in the package. Most of the golf packages are six days, seven nights with twin accommodations. Starting at around twelve hundred dollars for non-golfers and fifteen hundred dollars for golfers, this price is based on a party of eight. If you have less people it might be more. This package is perfect for corporate vacations or a large family vacation. You do not have to be a tourist to have a good time. If you live in Ireland all you have to do is get on the net and look for resident packages.

A family vacation can be fun, especially if you can get the kids involved. You can give them a list of places to see and a map. Have them pick out where they want to go and have them map it out. This will not only keep them busy but they will know exactly how far away everything is and you probably will not hear "Are we there yet?" and if you do you can have them look at the map. If they are too young to read and you have rented a limo, this is a good way to go sightseeing, especially now with prices of gas going up and no end of its rise in sight. You can help them by reading the map and using turns and inches instead of miles. Using terms that they can understand will make the rides easier. If you have teens, maybe do something one day that's just for them. Maybe letting them go to lunch by themselves and let them take the limo, if its allowed. You will be the king and queen of cool.

If you do not want to see the ordinary tourist spot in the town or city where you're vacationing, you might go for the unique. If there are no small children in your family, you might want to go on a ghost tour of the city or maybe go shopping where the locals go. A good way to do this is to rent a limo. The drivers will know where the locals go because this is where they shop. Off the beat track tours are fun and you get to see attractions you would not normally see on the regular tours.

While on vacation, why not take your family to a show. Not just any show, a Broadway show or something like it. Not only will you like it but so will your kids and if you want an adult night out at a show, some hotels have babysitters. If you're booking a package through a limousine Hire service that does vacation packages, ask if your hotel does have child care. You might not only get to see a show, you might be able to have dinner too.

Going to dinner on vacation in a big city can be hard if you do not know your way around and if you want to eat at a tourist hot spot you may need to make a reservation. If you want to eat at a place where the locals eat it may be a little out of the way. Eating out while on vacation is normal, but why eat fast food? You can still eat out and not spend a fortune. With all the money you will save, you could rent a limo to take you out to eat to those out of the way restaurants. Eating out is not the only thing you could use a limo for. You could have a night out on the town. Sporting events and going to the pub are just some of the fun things to do when you have a limo for the night. The night life is different in different cities, but one thing that's the same, your limo driver should know the most popular places in town to go. If he does not you could ask the hotel or locals what the hot spots are.

Most kids think of vacations as a time for fun and sun, but if you do it right you could teach them something also. If you're in another country or another part of the country that you know nothing about, you could get books or go on the internet and find fun attractions that have something to do with the history of the place. You could even play road map bingo or have them map out the route that you could take. Or better yet, rent a limo and have them compare the map with the GPS unit in the limo. This will not only keep the little ones occupied, but will keep pre-teens interested too. You can ask them if there are any differences in the routes that they mapped out and the GPS, this will teach them how to read a map and give them math skills without them knowing it. Once at the location, you can ask them to take turns reading about the different facts about your destination or destinations.