Top 5 Philippine Vacation Destinations

The Philippines is a majestic place to visit. The country has so much to offer to its millions of visitors each year. Because of the diversity of the things a tourist can do in the Philippines, it has been such a popular place to unwind, relax, and honestly have a great time. There are many popular holiday spots in the Philippines and if you have all the time to spend exploring the country's 7,107 islands, then by all means do so and have a grand time. However, if you only have a limited time to spend in this beautiful country, here are the top 5 Philippine vacation destinations to visit.

The top 5 Philippine vacation destinations mentioned here are not arranged in a particular order but rather chosen because of its wonderful attractions. These top 5 Philippine vacation destinations are also the places that have an increasing number of tourists registered to visit each year, which just shows that these are the areas which cater very well to them.

The first place on the list is Baguio City, a mountainous place in Northern Luzon, which is approximately six hours from the Manila, the country's capital. Baguio is known for its climate which can be very cold even during summer. Locals and tourists alike enjoy going to there during the Christmas season to unwind. Much greenery can be found in Baguio. It is also known for its strawberries which are at par with the strawberries grown abroad. There are lots of things to do in Baguio like strawberry picking, horse-back riding, and golf, among others.

When in the Philippines, one should not miss the chance to see the Chocolate Hills located in the province of Bohol. The Chocolate Hills is on its way to become one of the new Seven Wonders of the World as per onlineoting. Not only are the hills amazing, but the entire province as well. Bohol is known all over the world for being the habitat of the world's smallest primate – the tarsier. Not only that, Bohol is also known for its white sand beaches and excellent dive spots in Panglao. It also has the Loboc River and a Man-Made Forest to add to its fare.

Next on the list is Boracay. Boracay is a haven for tourist for its pristine white sand beaches. There is so much to do in Boracay which can range from a relaxing dip in the pool, a quiet time on the porch, a swim in the beach, or a party during the night. Locals love going to Boracay to have a good time. It is Philippine's very own Miami.

Fourth on the list is the Queen City of the South, Cebu. Cebu is just an hour away by plane from Manila, and it is known for being a place that offers diverse options for the tourists. Like Bohol, Cebu also has fine white sand beaches in its northern part, particularly in Bantayan Island. Cebu is also known to have very good diving spots in Moalboal and Mactan.

Lastly, you should not forget to pay Palawan a visit. The place has a wonderful biodiversity and is rich in natural resources. Palawan also boasts of its beaches and its beautiful underground caves. Visiting Palawan will truly be a pleasant experience because it is nature at its best.

These are the top 5 Philippine vacation destinations that you can visit. For sure, these places will not be on the top of the list if they fail to give the much needed break that most people want.