Tips for flight journeys during pregnancy

A woman is bestowed upon the most incredible gift of being able to give birth to a new life. Since a new life is growing inside her womb during pregnancy, it is the time when a woman has to take really good care of her health. It is the most critical time of a woman’s life.  You need to be very careful while traveling at that time. Especially traveling by flights at that time is something you need to be very careful. Are you going to travel by a flight shortly? Here are a few tips that ensure that you travel safely

Contact your doctor

Before deciding upon traveling during pregnancy, consult your doctor and inquire if it is safe for you to travel that particular week. Enquire about the safe days to travel. Make your travel plans accordingly because it is vital to stay healthy while you are carrying another life in you.

Have a confirmed ticket.

Always book your tickets in advance to ensure that you have a confirmed ticket. Say you are traveling from Kolkata to Delhi. Book your Kolkata to Delhi flights at least a month in advance. This your surely ensure you a confirmed ticket. Remember, always book your Kolkata to Delhi flights online. Online bookings are cheap and user-friendly. They have amazing discounts too.

Make a list

When you are traveling during pregnancy, ensure that you do not forget anything. Make a list of everything you need to take and double check them before leaving. Carry extra clothes for an emergency.  Do not forget to take all the medicines and additional nutrient supplements you need to take.

Choose the right flight

Try to book direct flights. It will be very cumbersome to keep changing your flight during pregnancy. Check on the timings of the flights too. Always avoid too early or too late flights. Choose your flight According to your comfort.

Make yourself comfortable

Once you board the flight, make yourself comfortable. Stretch the seat and find a position where you are comfortable to sit. Before traveling ensure that you carry a small pillow. This will save you from uncomfortable situations if your flight gets delayed or you need to wait for hours due to any other reason.

Drink Water

It is very important to stay hydrated during pregnancy. Hence, keep drinking water or other fluids. Never let yourself feel weak. Always carry a big bottle of water with you. Do not rely on the airline beverages.

Keep moving

Ensure that you do not just sit during your entire plane journey. There must be enough blood circulation. To ensure that there is enough blood circulation, get up and take a walk at least once in an hour.

Never keep yourself hungry

Always keep munching something. It is very important to eat enough during pregnancy. So, carry some snacks with you. Keep eating snacks after a certain interval of time. But try to avoid gas producing snacks and salty snacks.

Pack Wisely

Even though, you need to carry a lot of things when you are traveling during pregnancy, try to pack compact. Pack only those things which are absolutely necessary. Handling too much luggage during pregnancy will be difficult. So pack light.

If you follow all the above instructions, traveling by flights during pregnancy won’t be a difficult task.