Tips for Creating a Vacation Scrapbook

Often when we take vacations, we spend several months planning where to go, where to stay, and making all of the necessary arrangements to make the vacation enjoyable for all. When we get back, we have rolls of film that eventually get developed and then stuffed in a drawer. When we next pull them out, we’ve forgotten the reason for taking half of the pictures and much of the meaning of the photos has been lost.

Here are some suggestions to help in creating your vacation scrapbook:

Keep all maps from the trip.

Take a small notebook with you and write down a little bit of the data about the photos you are taking. There is a reason you are looking at something. There is a reason you are snapping the photo. Take a moment and jot down a few sentences that will trigger your memory once you return home.

Grab a few postcards from the place(s) you are visiting. This will add to your scrapbook and also help you remember where you’ve been and what you saw.

If you have children, consider giving them disposable cameras that they can use while on vacation. They may see things that you don’t and their photos will make a great addition to your vacation scrapbook.

If you will be in one town for a few days, consider developing some of your photos at a one hour photo processing business. As you look at your freshly taken photos add anything into your journal that you’ll want to put into your scrapbook.

If you visit museums, zoos or any other establishment, save your ticket stubs. Pick up any brochures of the establishment you are visiting.

While you are gone, will you be visiting any relatives? In addition to taking photos bring a list of questions you want to ask these relatives to put into both your family history scrapbook and also your vacation scrapbook.

Consider visiting the visitor’s center in the city or cities you are visiting and pick up information about the city that can be included in your scrapbook.

If you will be gone for a long period of time, consider bringing some basic scrapbook supplies with you and put together some pages while still on the trip. With one hour photo developing and basic supplies, you can return home with some pages already complete.

Vacation scrapbooks bring back wonderful memories. Enjoy your trip!! Bon Voyage!!