The famous beaches on the north shore of St John’s

Every list of the best beaches in St John includes the beautiful beaches of the north coast. The fact is that the top of the list is still Trunk Bay Beach, trunk bay st john, Cinnamon Bay Beach, Maho Bay Beach, Hawksnest Beach, Salomon Beach, Gibney Beach, Caneel Bay or Honeymoon Beach. These are without a doubt the most popular beaches. And they are all located along the north shore of St John’s!

Here’s what they all have in common:

  • No passport required for US citizens visiting the US Virgin Islands
  • Beautiful white sand beach
  • Beautiful crystal blue waters
  • Coconut palm trees lining the beach
  • Snorkeling in shallow waters of the beach
  • Protected by the Virgin Islands National Park
  • No passport required for US citizens!

So here is our list of favourite St John’s beaches

Trunk Bay Beach

The most popular, most photographed and most visited beach in trunk bay st john. It is without a doubt the most beautiful beach in St John; if not all the Caribbean! It is a must-see on the list of many visitors to STJ Bucket List. In fact, it is so beautiful that cruise ship visitors to St Thomas travel by taxi, ferry and taxi to enjoy all that Trunk Bay is famous for! And we agree! Trunk Bay has it all. Guests can enjoy white sands, huge palm trees, crystal clear waters, snorkeling, food, beverages, showers/bathrooms, and snorkel rentals and chairs. It’s also the only beach in St John with a lifeguard … and an entrance fee.

The most popular and photographed beach in St John!

Snorkeling in Trunk Bay is best, right in the centre of the beach around Trunk Cay. Keep an eye out for brain corals, sailors, Gorgonians, Blue Bell Tunicate corals and a wide variety of tropical fish, including the French angelfish, yellow-tailed snapper, pudding wife wrasse, and jewelled water lily, Queen Triggerfish, Blue Runners, and Beau Gregory Damsels.

Maho Bay Beach

Sea Turtles St John at Maho Bay BeachMaho Bay is on the list of favourite beaches of all. And it should be … It’s convenient – sit all along North Shore Road. Families will appreciate the convenience of the cooler, chairs, dive gear and children’s tanks for unloading! There are bathrooms, grills and a covered pavilion with picnic tables at the west end of the beach. The beach is narrow and lined with coconut trees and sea grape trees for shade. The water is sandy and shallow, making it an excellent place for younger children and parents with floats. Parking is plentiful by St John’s standards – with marked parking areas near the pavilion and a larger lot at the east end of the beach.

Snorkeling at Maho Bay Beach is one of the reasons people like these places. The meadows that are about 30 meters from the beach are a great place to see sea turtles, rays, conches, and tarpon. In fact, Maho is our # 1 recommendation for anyone wanting to swim with a sea turtle on St John. Snorkelers will want to head to the east and west shores. Here you’ll find thin reefs that house a good selection of hard and soft corals and a vertiginous collection of tropical fish species.