Talking Business: Conference Centers or Hotels?

Large conferences are a chance for your business to shine, for your delegations to demonstrate their knowledge and to gain some more. If you're the company or establishment that's been tasked with organizing the conference, the venue you choose is a direct reflection on you. Few businesses have the facilities to hold a large scale conference in their own headquarters, so there are two choices: conference centers or hotels with conferencing facilities. Which one should you choose?

Hotels are undeniably a respectable choice for conferences, with the strong advantage of offering accommodation to delegates on site. However, there are problems too. In hotels there is always the risk that a conference could be held right along weddings and other celebrations. This can mean interruptions for the conference and could mean that accommodation is limited for delegates.

Conference centers are purpose built and staff are specifically trained to deal with the needs of conference delegates, even if more than one conference is occurring at the same time. Conference centers may not offer accommodation but they are always built close to a range of hotels. This means that delegates may choose hotels which are convenient and appropriate for them and their budget.

For many hotels, conference provision is something of an afterthought, meaning that it is not necessarily done well. Delegates very often travel a long way to conferences, so location is everything. Because conference centers are built for their purpose, they are conveniently located near road and rail links, and very often close to airports too.