Take Me Back To Barbados

Take me back to Barbados and let me chill me worn out soul, man. Or something along those lines, anyway. In the 1600's, if you fancied immigrating and you were possessed of good character, you could sign up for a jolly seven years or so as a servant to a plantation owner in Barbados. Well that must have been a bit of a treat! This plan was a bit flawed in view of the prevalent draws at the time, such as plague, hurricanes and daught.

Since the traumas of its early history, Barbados has flowered into the one of the world's foremost vacation destinations. Liberally sprinkled with first class hotels and restaurants and home to some of the most stunning private holiday rental residences to be found anywhere, this colorful sun drenched island carries its plantation history proudly on its sleeve. Just about everyone with a modicum of power has taken a stab at Barbados, including the Portuguese, the English, and a variety of Pirates.

The beaches in Barbados consist of a fine grade of coral, which probably accounts for the sparkle effect in the sun. The sand is blindly white, and contrasts against the brilliant blue sea so perfectly, the ultimate postcard color. Naturally enough, daytime is a casual affair in Barbados, and most people are happy to wander around dressed in cool cotton clothes and soft shoes.

At night, however, the trend is to dress a little smartly, especially if you are going to dine in one of the many first class restaurants available, many of them beach front. Seafood is the ultimate dining experience here and you may expect the standard of cuisine in general to be high, both local and continental.

There is a selection of romantic cruises on offer, you should feel like sightseeing with a difference, or if you have children to entertain there so so many activities to choose from such museum trips, water sport activities such as banana boat rides and learning some skills with wave runners (or jet skis), even a submarine trip to view underwater life.

The shopping is wonderful in Barbados, duty free and of course significantly cheaper than just about anywhere else. Bargains are to be found on every street corner and you may decide to shop in air-conditioned shopping centers or market-style stalls. Souvenirs are everywhere and Barbados has perfected the art of producing local crafts suitable to fit in a suitcase and carry home to family and friends.

The very best experience is to rent a private home for your stay, and even better if you can afford a staffed villa. This is the ultimate holiday experience; to be able to enjoy the nightlife and beach life of this wonderful island, and then return home to the luxury of dinner prepared by your own personal chef. Barbados is laid back by reputation so be prepared to operate on half speed for the duration of your stay.