South Padre Island – A Dream Vacation

South Padre Island is a one of a kind vacation experience which offers an assortment of activities and events for everyone. Whether you are young or old, there is something for everyone at South Padre.

If you have a family, there are a large number of fun beach activities you can do while on the beach. You can build sand castles, collecting seashells, chasing crabs, use boogy boards, and body surf. There are also wave runners, jet skis and even family rides on a banana boat.

If you are a thrill seeker or enjoy faster paced activities, South Padre has plenty to offer as well. Common thrills include kiteboarding, windsurfing, parasailing, bungee jumping, and sky diving.

For those with an interest in fishing, you have entered a fisherman's paradise, as South Padre Island Fishing offers you the choice of bay fishing and deep sea fishing with an assortment of over 500 different species of fish to go after. For those who really want to try something new, there is even canyon deep sea fishing. This lets you get 40 to 50 miles away from the coast and go over the really big fish.

Nature and animal lovers are also accounted for because South Padre has a very rich habitat of unique aquatic wildlife. There are a number of places to visit, such as the Dolphin Research and Sea Life Nature Center and the Laguna Madre Nature Trail. Also, there are dolphin watching tours and is even a Sea Turtles Rescue. Each of these activities gives you an opportunity to see exotic wildlife in a unique habitat.

If you are a history buff, South Padre Island has a rich history that includes pirates, explorers, shipwrecks and buried treasure. You can go scuba diving to explore these shipwrecks at Devil's Elbow or visit the museums. There is also more modern history as you can visit the Port Isabel Lighthouse and Museum. Of all the lighthouses constructed on the Texas coast, it is the only one that is made available to the public.

For those interested in a romantic getaway, South Padre Island offers you quiet walks along the beach after dark, beautiful and exciting tours of the island in a helicopter or amphibious vehicles, and great accommodations and restaurants for food, drink, and seclusion.

For everyone, you will find unique accommodations that suit just about everyone's budget and idea of ​​lodging ranging from camping, hotels, motels, condos, and other rentals.

Last, but certainly not least, South Padre Island is home to some of the world's best shrimp and red snapper at South Padre Island and also a wide assortment of other wonderful seafood. Whether you like oysters, crab, lobster or fish, you can find them all in South Padre.

All and All, South Padre Island has something for everyone. If you are looking for a new vacation spot or have not been back for a number of years, it is a great to book your next trip to South Padre Island. We think you will find that after one trip, you will be coming back again and again.