Plan Your Vacation Carefully And Come Home Safe And Happy

You have your plane ticket, you've made your hotel reservations and you've decided exactly what you want to do when you get there. But the most important question is have you given any thought to how your going to take care of your health and your valuables while your on vacation. You do not want to end up a victim of a scam or a robbery and you do not want to get sick while on vacation.

The place your going may be billing its own as an island paradise but according to where your going you may not want to believe all the smiling faces in the brochure are as friendly as they may appear. You want to take steps to make sure your not mugged, kidnapped, or worst of all become the victim of a terrorist attack. If you're an American in today's world political climate you want to be especially careful.

If your going to an exotic location be sure to check out the US State Department warnings about the country or area you are traveling to. The local US embassy in the country you are traveling to can give you important safety information about places or locations in the country you are going to that you should avoid. You can call the US country in the country you're traveling to and ask them all the questions you need to. Be smart and make informed decisions, especially if you're traveling with your family and small children. You want to make sure everyone will be safe. After all a vacation is supposed to be fun and you want to do everything you can to avoid a disaster while on vacation.

Most of the time you would be right in assuming that the capitals and large cities in most countries are safe and tourist friendly. Most governments go the extra step to make sure that tourists stay safe because they want you to come back. If you're traveling to a country where a local conflict or civil war is going on you may want to choose a different location or wait until the political situation has improved and order has been restored. Do not get involved in local political situations in countries you visit. This is a sure way to get into trouble. You can go on line in most cases and read the newspaper or newspapers of the country or countries you will be visiting.

One of the questions you can ask the person who answers the phone in the US Embassy you call in the country you're visiting is what vaccinations you may need. Depending on the country you are visiting you may be required or it may be severely suggested that you have certain vaccinations before you arrive in the country your going to. This is often the case where people will be traveling to remote areas of tropical countries. So ask the local US Embassy there or check with their website. If you are traveling to a Muslim country check on the local customs for how women should dress. In some remote parts of Thailand women are requested to stay covered up when not on the beach. So check to see if there are local customs you should be aware of. Your travel agent should be able to help you out with this information.

You want to be sure to bring your over the counter and prescription medicines with you in their original bottles or boxes. You also want to bring a complete list of your medicines from your doctor or doctors and it needs to include full contact information for your doctor or doctors. Never bringing prescription drugs with you to a foreign country that have been taken out of their prescription bottles. You should be aware that asthmatics should bring nebulizers or inhalers because asthma attacks can be triggered by a change in climate or tropical flowers. If you have special health problems bring a copy of your medical records with you. This way the doctor you may be seeing in an emergency will know exactly what is wrong with you.

Be careful with your belongings. Do not wear flashy expensive jewelry or show large sums of money. You are always best to buy travelers checks and take them with you instead of cash. If you purchase American Express Travelers Checks they can quickly be replaced if they are lost or stolen. If your hotel or motel has a safe deposit box, please leave a comment. You will find that most debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo can be used in most foreign countries.

You should travel in groups or at least with a friend or buddy in most foreign countries. Use the same common sense you would use at home. Do not go into dark illuminated parts of towns or cities in foreign countries. Do not go for a walk in the jungle after dark. Again use your common sense. If you would not do it back home do not do it in a foreign country. Ask the hotel or hotel desk clerk if there are areas you should avoid. If you have any concerns at all do not go there in the first place but if you do tell the hotel or motel clerk where you are going and when you expect to return. They can notify the authorities if you do not come back when you are supposedly to.

If you'll follow those tips you should have a fun and safe vacation. Most hotel and motel clerks in countries you may be visiting are usually very helpful and friendly. If you ever think you're being followed go to the local police and report it. Do not leave valuables out in plain sight that can be easily picked up. Unless you're told you need to take your identification papers with you to leave them locked in the motel or hotel room safe. I hop this article will help you and if you've never visited Costa Rica that you will click that link or the one below and come check out Costa Rica.