London's Best Gastropubs

With the popularity of gastropubs at an all-time high in London, there's never been a better time to explore everything that they have to offer. Since the term – and the concept – was coined back in the early 1990s, gastropubs have become staples in virtually every London neighborhood. There are plenty of great reasons for this phenomenon; after all, what's not to like about a place that combines exceptional – sometimes even gourmet – food with the drinks and conviviality of a pub? If you're planning a holiday in London and want to experience the best gastropubs that it has to offer, hit at least one of the following:

  1. Bull & Last, Kentish Town – Unlike many gastropubs in London, you're going to need to make reservations if you want to experience Bull & Last. With a limited number of bar stools and tables that are only available for those with reservations, this place is unquestionably exclusive. Still, making the extra effort to visit Bull & Last is well worth it. Recipes like slow-cooked pig cheeks up the ante – and the charcuterie is made on-site – providing that a pub can most definitely offer gastronomic delights.
  2. The Harwood Arms, Fulham – The Harwood Arms distinguishes itself in many exciting ways. For one thing, its menu greatly revolves around game, which is not something that you're going to find in most typical gastropubs. An emphasis is placed on seasonal produce, as well, ensuring the freshness and quality of the dishes that are served. Whether you try out something from the four-course grouse menu or if you just stop in for a pint and a bit of dessert – buttermilk pudding with toasted cobnuts and victoria plums is a perennial favorite – you're bound to be mesmerized by The Harwood Arms.
  3. Cadogan Arms, Chelsea – Since it's located in Chelsea, there are many hotels London within walking distance of the Cadogan Arms – which is a good thing, since you'll probably need kip after tucking into the amazing food there. A fillet of delectable pan-fried trout is just one thing that you can sample when you head to the rear dining area of ​​this dual-purpose pub; the front serves as a drinks-only area. After sampling the roast vine logo soup or splurging on the decadent crème brllée, the experience of dining in many hotels in London will pale by comparison.