Jaipur Hotels – The Word 'Luxury' Gets A New Meaning Here

Rajasthan. The gold, the glitter and the SAND. The land echoes with the eternal lyrics of life playing on some lone harp in the mid of endless sand dunes. Such is the mystifying nature of the place that nobody is able to unravel the mystery behind it all. Yet, the alluring call of the land acts as a magnet for most of the tourists and they can not help visiting the place again and again. Amongst the many locations in Rajasthan, Jaipur attractions innumerable number of tourists due to its name and fame as 'pink city'. To absorb the unique flavors of the city, a modest yet comfortable accommodation is what an average visitor yearns for. This need is fulfilled by Jaipur hotels which represent the culture of Rajasthan very well. Your task ends at selecting any hotel according to your requirement and the rest is taken care of by the hotel staff.

The Jaipur hotels come in the line of small luxury hotels of the world. Many of the grand heritage hotels in Jaipur have had their accused occupants as the erstwhile rulers of Rajasthan. A couple of them have been awarded as world's leading hotels and have been restored now to their original glory with the able assistance of experts adept in restoring heritage buildings since years. The city is home to many interesting locations like Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar etc. No wonder that the state stands next only to Goa in attracting the tourists and the private agencies have stepped in a large way to offer their own lodging as hotels. The Jaipur hotels cater to the needs of increasing number of tourists coming from other countries. Heritage castle like Umaid Bhawan is one of the hotels where the traditional mingles in nicely with the modern.

The hospitality at Jaipur hotels is exotic one. Umaid bhawan hotel located in one of the residential colony of Jaipur is just one kilometer away from the bus and train station. The airport is 13 kilometers away from the hotel and has got a whole range of rooms suiting everyone's budget. The local craftsmanship is visible in the hotel, where the rooms are fully furnished with modern gadgets. Apart from the Umaid Bhawan, a number ofamed restaurants cater to the taste buds of tourists. These restaurants offer their visitors an exotic traditional cuisine which is both veg as well as non-veg. Jaipur hotels consist of luxury suites which have been the rooms used by rulers of their state as their resting rooms.

In Umaid Bhawan itself, the accused business center enables the visitors to conduct their businesses from one location without having to step out. A refreshing swim in the hotel's swimming pool takes away your every stress and you forget every dull moment of your life. Beside, other amenities are extended to the guests ranging from camel safaris to beauty and herbal treatments. These experiences are what make your vacation memorable by any standard. So come and see for yourself what the Jaipur hotels are all about.