How to Use a Vacation Rental With Ski-In Ski-Out Access

Ski-in, ski-out vacation home rentals are popular with skiers, and for good reason. These accommodations are convenient for those who love skiing, as their location right on the mountain allows for easy access to the slopes. Rather than driving to the resort, looking for parking, then walking to the lifts, vacation rentals with ski-in ski-out access allow skiers to go straight from their lodging and directly onto the slopes.

Most resort areas have a variety of different rentals to choose from, with many being touted as ski-in ski-out, but they may differ in how far they are from the slopes. It may be worth it to the renter to know exactly where these homes are located to get a better idea of ​​how easy it will be to access the ski slopes. Some lodging is located directly on the slopes, making them the best choice for those who plan on skiing frequently through their stay and do not want to deal with the hassle of driving. Other lodging can often be found slightly further away from the slopes, but still within walking distance of the ski lifts.

Vacation home rentals can also be a practical way to save money. Although it may seem as if staying directly on the slopes would be more expensive, and while this can be true in many cases, there are also many ways to save. When going with a group of people, a larger vacation home becomes a much better deal as opposed to everyone staying two to a room in a hotel. Similarly, there is money to be saved on food, as most vacation homes have a kitchen. Picking up some groceries and eating most meals in as opposed to going out to eat at restaurants saves a substantial amount of money in the long run.

There is also the convenience aspect of staying in a vacation rental right on the slopes. Staying so close means eliminating many time-wasters, allowing skiers to make the most out of their precious vacation time. Traffic to and from the resort is no longer an issue, and guests can be first in line at the lift. It is also easier to take a break during the day and return to the slopes. Those who stay in rents directly on the slopes can also easily access all that the resort has to offer, including shopping, restaurants and bars, without having to worry about driving somewhere at the end of the night.