How to Take a Non-Eco-Vacation in Punta Cana

With all tourism talk congregating around green travel and eco-vacations, visiting foreign lands has traditionally evolved from novelty to a means of experiencing culture. Where 20 years ago, a trip to Europe was one taken by the strictly curious, business professionals, or those in their gap years, today's flights overseas is a way to scope out new living arrangements.

For those of us comfortable living in the country we've always considered home, but still curious about what lies beyond the border, Punta Cana is a city known for its obvious geographic differences, but also for its tropical flair. What Punta Cana is not known for is an intimate level of culture experienced in other exotic, les populated, locales. What its tourists will discover, instead, is a tranquil environment that focuses on the leisure of vacationers.

But finding a balance between the quintessential exotic vacation and unique culture is why the Dominican Republic is a premier destination for those just breaking into the international travel scene. Many of the luxury Punta Cana all inclusive resorts are located on virgin swaths of pale sand, seemingly uninhabited, secluded. It is this relaxing feeling of isolation that lends Punta Cana its iconic desert-island theme and keeps a wide stream of tourism coursing through.

What guests of the city take not of, in particular, is the European aura the city emits and, similar to many other somewhat popular Caribbean locations, Punta Cana is slowly becoming Americanized. What this means for those not searching for a long and adventurous vacations, one staged in extreme sports and treks through jungle underbrush, is travel in its original and intended form; one of strict relaxation.