How To Find The Perfect Holiday Villa In The Languedoc, France

Travel to Catalonia, and discover the best of the Languedoc region of France .

I have traveled extensively on holiday to Europe and to many other countries. I must share with you my favorite place to visit in the world, it is French Catalonia.

Languages ​​spoken commonly are French, Spanish and also Catalan (which is now taught to children in schools in both France and Spain)

The Catalan region is known as Catalonia in France and Cataluña in Spain. This diverse region encompasses the Pyrenees Mountains, beaches of the Mediterranean, many vineyards in the Languedoc, excellent walking and cycling routes. Cycling is a passion for the French and many holiday makers hire a bike whilst on their vacation, many villas come equipped with their own bikes.

Property in the Languedoc is of a high standard and if, like me, you prefer to stay in self-catering accommodation then there is a huge range of apartments, villa and gite to rent. The property on offer is diverse from a large villa to a small gite. Apartments are many located in the cities such as Perpignan and Girona (or Gerona as it is sometimes spelt)

The climate affords sun for most of the year, on average over 300 days a year. This makes the area an excellent base for skiing in the Pyrenees, fishing, golf or just relaxing on sun drenched beaches or by your villa pool.

The main cities are famous throughout Europe and the world, Barcelona in Spain, and Perpignan in the Languedoc, France. The culture of this vibrant place, with its world class art galleries and museums it is worth a visit. Picasso or Dali who frequented this area and produced some master pieces while staying here. Many artists have traveled and made their homes in this area, and there is a vibrant artistic community thriving today.

I suggest when you plan a vacation to this area you select a base near to the border so that you can experience the best of both countries and the unique hospitality of the proud Catalan people. There is a plethora of accommodation available to suit all needs, from a small city apartment, a French gite or a Spanish Villa, larger property mostly comes with a swimming pool. You can also swim on the clean beaches.

I have now purchased a property in the Languedoc and have visited on holiday over 20 times. I am an active person and am never bored of traveling around this dynamic and interesting area. I never fail to be fascinated with the amount of things to do on my days out, whilst on vacation relaxing at my villa. My experience is also shared by the growing number of holiday homeowners who have lodgings to rent in this part of France and Spain.

My friends, who have stayed at my villa on holiday, have been amazed at who relaxed and friendly the locals are. The Languedoc has one of the longest life expectancy rates in the Europe.

Another reason to visit is the excellent wine. The Languedoc is the most prolific wine making area in France. A great idea is to rent a bike, or hire a villa with a bike and cycle around the vineyards sampling wine. French food is something to be sampled at leisure, a minimum of 2 hours from 12-2pm is taken everyday when work collections, family and friends all sit together eat, chat and enjoy.

If you want to holiday in Europe visit the Catalan region and stay in Languedoc or Spain, you will not be disappointed.