Hotels in Geylang

Hotels in Geylang offer travelers a view of Singapore that is not known to many unless they are Singaporean or frequent visitors to the garden city. Geylang is located in the Eastern part of Singapore and is surrounded by many residential quarters that are rich in cultures as well as being only a 20 minute train ride to the city center.

What makes Geylang hotels so affordable is the fact that there is a red light district located within the area. Here, due to this undeserved negative connotation, Geylang hotels attract travelers by offering fantastic accommodation deals!

There are close to 70 different hotels located in Geylang, here are a few to consider.

  • Amrise Hotel: A budget hotel that offers you a comfortable room with high speed internet and cable TV, it is a good quality no-frills accommodation for those on a tight budget. Rooms are priced affordably from $ 34 per night.
  • Santa Grand Hotel Aljunied: This hotel provides free wireless internet, cable TV in addition to a DVD player as well as a fitness center on the promise that can be utilized. Room rates start from around $ 59 per night.
  • Fragrance Hotel Ruby: They offer large and comfortable rooms equipped with all essentials plus cable / satellite TV in addition to wireless internet and safe deposit box. The rate per night starts from around $ 52 per night.

All these hotels will always have special discount periods or tie-ups with online hotel booking sites that offer early-bird booking specials, so make sure you book your accommodation early. Geylang hotels are located near Aljunied MRT station on the East-West line; the 3 hotels above are less than 1km away from the train station.

From Aljunied station, it's less than 10 minute to City Hall station or if you want to head straight to Orchard Road for the stretch of shopping malls, it's only 20 minutes by MRT from Aljunied station.

Apart from the benefits of being close to the city center as well as the airport, when you stay in Geylang hotels, it also gives you access to some of the best local fare that can be found. Forget about the Michelin star restaurants or air-conditioned food courts; explore the eateries right in Geylang.

Must try in the area include the crab bee hoon (Asian style vermicelli) from Sin Huat Eating House, if it's good enough for Anthony Bourdain, it's good enough for everyone else! Seafood is a big draw in Singapore, so definitely try No Signboard Seafood Restaurant or Sinma Live seafood. You will find the mouth-watering chilli and pepper crabs at the former, while the latter serves up a more exotic fare of frog legs in a claypot congee.

As always, let the 'lines' be your guide, anywhere you see a queue or throng of people waiting for food at a particular food stall, it should definitely be something to try. Time is precious, so locals will not waste their time waiting for food that is not absolutely delicious.

So, when you're planning your next holiday to Singapore, stay at these affordable Geylang hotels and see Singapore in a different light. More information on these hotels can be found at