Hotels For Cheap Great Tips on How to Find the Best Discount Hotel Reservation

When traveling most people just book the first hotel room without checking around. They end up overpaying on their trip without ever knowing that they could have gotten a discount hotel reservation if they just did a little bit of homework. there are many hotels for cheap out there but they are not going to go looking for you. Lets take a look at some ways to get a good deal on a discount hotel reservation.

The first thing you should always do when shopping for a cheap hotel deal is to call up the hotel themselves to see if they are currently running any specials on any rooms they currently have open. Remember that we are in harsh financial times and the hotel industry is feeling the pinch as well. You should also ask to see if they have any special deals for senior citizens, frequent flier or Triple A.

There are also many hotel deals available online through special booking websites that can give you a steep discount over the regular price that the hotel usually charges. The reason why they can give you such a steep discount is that they have a deal worked out with the specific hotels that are signed up through them. They save the hotels millions of dollars on advertising expenses and these savings are then passed down to you in the form of cheaper hotel prices. Some sites have a deal where you can name your own price.

Priceline for example will give you that option but the trick here is that you will not know which hotel you have been given until the deal is done and you are booked on it. If you do not mind which well known hotel you will stay at then naming your own price is the best deal for you. You can still request general information such as the general area that you want to stay at and whether its a 3 or 4 star hotel so you will not be completely left in the dark here. Remember when shopping online not to snag the first deal that looks too good to be true. You should always shop around and do your due diligence as some hotel booking sites may have some hidden charges attached to their bookings.

Remember to always do your home work while shopping for a discount hotel reservation and you will always have a fun and stress free trip.