Global Resorts Network A Scam?

"Just imagine listening while on vacation!"

This is what you will see when you actually watch the flash movie on the Global Resorts Network corporate marketing website. We will not do the usual "ya-da, ya-da" stuff here. Rather, just plain truth about the Global Resorts Network opportunity.

1) What Is Global Results Network Exactly ?

Beside you taking a good vacation with this company, let's take a look at the Global Resorts Network business in depth. This should help you establish some basic understanding.

Just recently Global Resorts Network partnered with a 21 year old company that had been selling resort packages for as much as $ 10,000. They decided to join forces and began offering the product through referral marketing.

You can become a member of the Global Resorts Network with a member fee as low as $ 298 and it entitles 8-days and 7-nights free stay in a year at 5,000 plus destinations.

2) Your Compensation With Global Resorts Network

You also must know a little about how the Global Resorts Network compensation works. In fact, there are two options to choose from. You have a choice get a Gold membership at $ 1,495 or a Platinum membership at $ 2,995.

Your responsibilities will be either a $ 500 or $ 1000 on each and every sale you make. Your compensation with Global Resorts Network has benefits of the larger direct sales commissions, and the leverage of meeting matching agreements of 'affiliates' you refer.

3) The Truth Of The Matter

Obviously, the 'pot of gold' at the end of the rainbow is not always full. So, you would also need to know some flaws about this system.

One fact for any network marketing business like Global Resorts Network, you need to believe in the product before you can 'recommend' it to anyone else. Earning large responsibilities is possible only if you are able to 'recruit' well.

In conclusion, Global Resorts Network looks to be credible for catering your vacation needs. However, success really depends on how you market this opportunity. The skill to market online is key to your financial success.