Don’t Forget the Small Stuff – Top Travel Accessories

If you’re off on a trip, whether it’s a two week holiday or a six month equivalent of the Grand Tour, you need to make sure you’ve packed everything. It’s easy to make a list of the big stuff you need to take with you, but often, it’s the little things that really matter. The right travel accessories can make your journey easier, safer and more comfortable, so don’t forget the small stuff.

Wherever you’re travelling to, and no matter how long you’re away for, you’ll have a limited amount of space, so you can’t fill your luggage with unnecessary travel accessories. That means it’s important to choose the accessories that have real practical advantage. Top tips include:

Travel adaptor – it may seem like an obvious choice, but you’d be amazed at how many people arrive at their destination only to find they can’t plug in their laptop, phone charger or hair straighteners. A worldwide travel adaptor is designed to work with a variety of socket systems so that you don’t have a problem docking when you need to.

Ear plugs – for many travellers, this is the one travel accessory they can’t do without. Whether it’s to help you get to sleep on the plane, shut out the noise of the street below your hotel room or just to help you sleep during the day until you get used to the new time zone, ear plugs are invaluable.

Hand gel – as travellers become more aware of hygiene issues, disinfectant hand gel has become one of the most popular travel accessories. It enables you to keep your hands clean even when there’s no access to clean running water, so it can come in handy any time, any place.

All these travel accessories and more can help to make your trip a breeze.