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I have spent much of the last two weeks playing in the Grenadines, sailing between the different islands, and scuba diving as often as I can. Diving has become my new favorite hobby. And the Grenadines provide pristine reefs and abundant sea life to explore. So I have taken the plunge. I have dived Horseshoe Reef and Mayreau Gardens in the Tobago Cays, the Devil's Table in Bequia, and the House Dive in Mustique. Unfortunately I am limited by where I can go by my dinghy and the ripping ocean currents. But every time I descend into the crystal clear turquoise water- it is well worth it.

All goes silent as you descend to the ocean floor below, and the only noise is the bubbles from your regulator. And after you clear your ears, get oriented with the reef, and check in with your move buddy- you take off exploring. It is just so peaceful and beautiful underwater. I are often amazed at all the different corals, so bright and colorful. And I often find myself surrounded by thousands of fish. You never know what you might encounter in the Caribbean Sea; a nurse shark sleeping under a rock ledge, a swarm of pompanos that are just as curious about you as you are of them, or a sting ray buried in the sand. There is just so much to see!

Most of the dives are too deep to take the underwater camera along- bummer! But the one exception is the House Dive off Mustique. This shallow dive is not more than 30 feet deep and rather easy. However, just because this is an easy dive does not make it an uninteresting one. Quite the contrary! It was a fabulous dive. Im pleasantly surprised with the coral and tropical fish there. I saw large schools of grunts, triangular shaped trunk fish, shy squirrel fish, a gold spotted eel slithering along the rocks, and tons of groupers and parrot fish abound. One of my favorite fishes that I have discovered there is a spotted drum, a black and white fish with long fin on the top that waves around like a feather- cool! I finally bought a Reef Fish Identification book so one of our favorite apr├Ęs dive activity is to look up all the fish I just observed. I'm definitely becoming quite the diving enthusiasts and am lucky to be living in the Caribbean, where my back yard is the ocean blue.