Best Time to Travel Is Now

Traveling to South India and want to know the best time of traveling? Well, there is a need to check out about this way before one starts packing. It is because the travelers will be able to pack off their belongings as per the requirement. The traveling to distinct place depends on the weather conditions, which should be considered immensely for the betterment of holidaying experience. Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh tend to form the Southern Continent of India. The traveler willing to check out these places ought to be familiar with climatic conditions allowing them to make preparations according to it.

Talking about the weather of Kerala, it is hot and humid in summers as well as pleasant in winters. Famed as the God's Own Country, to visit Kerala, time period of September to March is the ideal season. The reason behind this fact is that the temperature is said to be exceptionally pleasant and comfortable. Generally stating, the summer season starts from March and remains till May, which is characterized by hot climatic conditions. Now, considering the monsoons, the reason remains between June and August because of Kerala's positioning near the tropics. Indeed, visiting in the monsoon season is said to be perfect for those, who are willing to indulge or pamper themselves with exotic Ayurvedic Massages having therapeutic effect.

Kerala acts as the majestic heaven for tourists, who want to experience the richness of culture, pristine backwaters and seaside breather. Likewise to any other destination, deciding over the good time for exploring Kerala depends on a wide selection of aspects, involving the personal preferences of specific visitors. Kerala has an extensive variety of sightseeing options that allow the tourists to enjoy in abundance. Be it lazing around on the beach or enjoying vibrant traditions in temples or admiring the rich natural beauty at hill stations, Kerala has a lot to offer to its tourists. The beauty of the place can be explored at any time as the plan is made because the aura of magnificence lies in the most scenic areas of the state. Its majestic glory of nature is simply awe-inspiring.

Concerned with the temperature, it falls on the average warmer side. At the time of winter season, the temperatures tend to showcase a stable downfall making it the excellent time slot to visit Karnataka. The peak season for Karnataka travel is from October to March, covering the post-monsoon and winter seasons, as the climate is generally pleasant over the entire State. The brief winter period does not result in harsh cold weather making it the ideal time to visit Karnataka. On the other hand if you are planning to catch a glimpse of the exotic flora and fauna of Karnataka wildlife sanctuaries, schedule your trip during the monsoon season from May to September. The nature has shown its brilliance in the Karnataka state, which has always attracted tourists towards its magnificence.

On planning to visit Karnataka , one should check out a variety of websites explaining the weather conditions. In this way, the visitors can make the preparations as per the city to b traveling. Like in summers, light cotton clothes can be taken; while, the winters tend to call for heavy woollens. But, one thing is sure in entire South India that the winters are never too chilly. They are always pleasant and slightly cold in the night time. Another destination to check out is Tamil Nadu, which is famous for its pristine natural beauty. Stated to be generally tropical, it tends to support fairly hot temperature with mildness experienced only in monsoon. This makes it possible for the tourists to enjoy the exoticness of Tamil Nadu at its best in winters. With cool breeze blowing and climatic conditions to be pleasant, the ideal time to check out this place is winters only because monsoons tends to get a bit messy sometimes.

And now the turn comes of Andhra Pradesh, which is a bustling metro city exhibiting perfect amalgamation traditional environs and the developing modernism. Here, the summer is tracked by the rainy season that happens to initiate in the month of July and stays till September. This season is characterized by thick tropical rainfalls in Andhra Pradesh. The chief role in defining the climatic conditions of the state is featured by South-West Monsoons. Mainly, the climate is sad to be hot and humid with summer season falling between March and June. In this way, the best time to visit Andhra Pradesh is winters.