Anger Is Destructive

Anger is rage, ire; wrath and annoyance are words that denote the same emotion. Anger is the feeling of Antagonism and irritation caused by some real or supposed grievance.

Do you get angry often? Do you hit out at others like you siblings and friends? Do you lose your composure and burst into tears? There are some of the likely reactions of a child in rage. These actions are quite normal but are they any good? A sensible person should avoid these fits of rage. Keeping your anger in check makes you a better person. Anger can only aggravate the situation whereas a calm and thoughtful approach would act as remedy.

Anger is destructive because it makes the angry person hostile. Uncontrollable anger can be extremely dangerous. It can wreak havoc on those towards whom it is directed. Take for instance the case of Mumbai bomb blast who lets the bullets and explorers fits in the hotel Taj of Mumbai. The result in loss of so many innocent lives. Excessive anger has driven many persons achieve by taking such an extreme step? Absolutely nothing.

Anger causes frustration because mostly it is caused by things which are beyond our control. Your train has got delayed, it’s hot and electricity is out, you were to picnic but it has been raining since from morning, you forgot your lunch box at home, India has lost a cricket match from a winning position, experiencing a shooting pain as a result of your elbow hitting the table and so many other similar situations present themselves before you every now and then. You really want to blow your top off but would that solve any purpose. Because often we turn our anger on the very people we love.

Anger takes away the power to reason? It drives you crazy and makes you thinking irrational. When you cannot do anything right. A bull is so powerful as compared to the slender matador. He uses a red cloth to enrage the bull, thus driving him mad with anger. And this anger results in death. Anger that makes you lose self-control is but anger directed against injustice and social evils is good. All great thinkers, leaders and reformers are and were angry people. They are angry with the social injustice and other evils eating at the roots of the society. Their anger emboldened them to neither did they beat, their chests, and throw things around nor did they scream at the top of their choices. They achieved their goals through patience and courage, instead.

There are many ways in which you can control your anger. Give yourself time of think instead of reacting immediately. You should relax by doing something that you like. Meditation or music can help to calm your nerves. Having a glass of water or counting up to ten will also provide you with time to act reasonably. A frown or a smile takes your pick.