Alaska, A Box Car, A Luxury Vacation? Surely Not!

When you’re off on holiday, you don’t really pay attention to the transport. The plane, ship, or train is just a means to get you to where you want to go. But that’s not the case at the Aurora-Express hotel in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The Aurora-Express consists of seven Railroad cars converted into a luxury hotel. The Cars have views of the Tenana River, the Alaskan Mountain Range and the City of Fairbanks.

The hotel has a large outdoor deck for where guests can enjoy barbecues or relax in the warm summer evenings and a Diner car where breakfast is served at 8am daily.

The Railroad cars have been decorated elegantly and many of the rooms have their own theme. The National Domain car has been renovated into four suites featuring queen-sized beds and private baths and entrances.

The CanCan room has a 10-foot ceiling, crystal chandeliers, and antiques. It is decorated with costumes, paintings, fabrics, colours and fixtures reminiscent of the period in which the CanCan was first performed.

The Arlene car is a private 85-foot car with two bedrooms including a queen size bed and two twin beds. This car also features a private bath, kitchen and living room with a T.V.

Fairbanks is the second largest city in the state of Alaska. It is 45 minutes from Anchorage by air and three hours from Seattle.

A stay at the Aurora Express hotel and you’ll never look at transport in the same way again!