A Vegas Family Vacation

It's easy to think of Las Vegas as an adult town. There are the risque shows featuring scantily clad showgirls. There are bars with cheap drinks, clubs with heavy-duty parties, adult-themed shows including plenty of "blue" comedy and, of course, gambling. If you're not twenty-one years old, you can not roll the dice or bet on a football game. It's easy to think of LasVegas as a grown-up getaway.

There's no doubt about it, there's a lot of things to do for the adult set in LasVegas. However, thinking of the city as an adults-only vacation destination overlooks the many different family-friendly activities that are available. That's right, Las Vegas really is a great place for the whole family. Just consider a handy of the hundreds of things in Vegas that will appeal to the young and the young at heart.

Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam is an engineering marvel. The giant hydroelectric dam is an awe-inspiring site with a fascinating history. Hoover Dam tours are available and their guaranteed to drop the jaws of young and old alike.

Las Vegas Springs Preserve
Las Vegas Springs Preserve whisks visitors away from the blinking bulbs and neon of downtown and the strip, providing travelers with a great look at interactive exhibits that provide insight about the area's ecology. Nature buffs will love the Preserve.

Las Vegas GameWorks
You may need to be twenty one to play blackjack, but there are great games available for people of any age at Las Vegas' massive arcades. Operations like the Gameworks Arcade at Showcase Mall feature hundreds of video games and other activities suitable for all ages.

Bonnie Springs Old Nevada
Before the lights and the concerts, there were cowboys and trains. You can take a trip back in time at destinations like Bonnie Springs Old Nevada. It's a complete old western town located within twenty miles of LasVegas featuring everything from western souvenirs to gunfight reenactments.

Many of the casino properties offer rides that would fit in at any high-end amusement park. There's the Gondola Ride at The Venetian, roller coasters at New York / New York, and a score of different routes to the high-rises providing an unforgettable view of the well-lit city from above.

Amusement Parks
If you want to wrap yourself up completely in the amusement park experience, you can do it at places like Adventuredome at Circus Circus. It's one of a handful of fully-featured amusement parks that will keep kids happy in Las Vegas.

There's no shortage of family-friendly things to do in LasVegas. You can see sharks in aquariums, make your way to the top of an Eiffel Tower replica, visit a wax museum, or do just about anything else you can imagine!

LasVegas is a great place for the grown-ups to cut loose, but it's also an A-plus vacation destination for those who happened to be under twenty-one. Not everything that happens in Vegas needs to stay there for the sake of discretion-there are plenty of adventures that any kid will want to talk about for years to come.