5 Common Types of Recreation Vehicles

What are recreation vehicles?

Recreational vehicles are vehicles that are used for camping, traveling and other recreational activities. What makes recreational vehicles unique from ordinary vehicles is that they offer the luxury of home because inside these vehicles are beds, kitchen and a bathroom.

5 Common Recreational Vehicles

Class A Motorhome

Class A Motorhome is a kind of recreation vehicle that is usually either constructed from commercial truck chassis, commercial bus chassis, or a motor vehicle chassis specifically designed for the said purpose. In 1989, an addition of slide-outs first appeared which had a great impact on the industry. The production of Class A motorhome that had additional slide-outs allowed a wider room inside the vehicle that fitted on the road without a problem.

Class B Camervan

Class B Campervan is made from conventional vans, which could either have an additional raised roof
added or its back replaced with a low-profile body.

Hybrid Trailer

From the name itself, a person would know that this kind of trailer is a mixture of two kinds of vehicle. This is trailer is a blend between travel trailer and a folding trailer.

Park Model Trailer

This kind of trailer is quite larger than the usual trailers. It is usually 35 to 45 feet long and is designed for park camping only. The only thing bad about this trailer is that it is not good to be used in places where water is a scarcity because this trailer contains no water containers and the only way to use water is by hooking them up towards the vehicle.

Fifth-wheel Trailer

It is another type of trailer that is designed to be towed by a pickup or any medium sized truck that is equipped with a special hitch that is called a fifth wheel coupling. Some makers of this trailer usually extend a part of the trailer's body over the truck to shorten the length of the vehicle and the trailer. There are also some larger fifth-wheeler trailers that reach about 40 ft in length and approximately 18,000 lbs in weight, and are dropped by a semi-truck or any similar small Freightliner.

The listed recreation vehicles above are just some of the many kinds of recreation vehicles available on the market today. There are many different types of recreational vehicles today, each with different advantages over the other and each with the same purpose, to make us feel at home when we are away from our homes.