5 Basic Steps to Winterize Your Jayco Trailer

Prepare the necessary materials, orient your direction and location, seal the trailer’s windows, add additional insulation, and finish the Jayco flooring are the basic steps that you need take in order to be able to effectively winterize your Jayco trailer.

Traveling around in your Jayco trailer is a great idea, especially if you are someone who considers your trailer as your home. However, Jayco trailers can also be used for all your cross country travel vacations. It is important to know how to winterize your trailer so you can avoid problems that often occur when you travel during the cold, winter season. To winterize your trailer, you need to learn the basic steps of applying insulation. They are:

Prepare the necessary materials

When winterizing your trailer, you will need some of the following: plastic sheeting, acrylic fleece sheeting, double-sided tape, plywood, anti-freeze and a blow-out valve. Prepare these materials beforehand so you can easily winterize your trailer and stay warm in harsh weather conditions.

Orient your direction and location

Locate the north, and park your trailer’s front end to the northern direction so that the cold, north wind will not lower your trailer’s room temperature. Also, try to find some large barriers, like huge rocks and trees, to prevent the cold wind from entering your trailer.

Seal the trailer’s windows

Seal the trailer’s windows with plastic the sheeting and double-sided tape that you have brought along with you on your winter vacation. Secure your window with it and make sure that the window panes are tightly sealed. This will prevent most of the cold wind from entering your trailer.

Add additional insulation

Add additional insulation by installing the acrylic fleece sheeting after the attachment of the plastic sheeting. Remove the factory curtains first, since they can be easily peeled off from the extended window frames. Replace the factory curtains with the acrylic fleece sheeting. Close the ventilation doors and cut a piece of plastic sheeting that will fit into the ventilation system. Also, seal this ventilation with a piece of plastic sheeting and double-sided tape. Insulating the ventilation is optional if the Jayco trailer comes with covered ventilation.

Finish the Jayco flooring

Unlike what you could expect from other trailers, Jayco flooring is generally lowered to the ground. Fitting plywood around the trailer’s flooring perimeter will greatly reduce heat loss through the floor. Jayco trailers also come with insulation jackets that are very useful for protecting the pipes and sewage lines from extreme cold weather conditions. You can also use a camper, antifreeze and blow-out valve for your water pumps. An air compressor is also needed to hook up to the nozzle.

With these quick and easy steps, your traveling vacations with a Jayco trailer will never be a problem during cold weather. You will always enjoy the great outdoor experience.