11 Things to Ask About Your Vacation Rental Before Arriving

You already booked your vacation rental at your favorite destination. Everything is all set. Everything is paid for and all you need to do is pack, get in the car, and go. But before you run out the door, there are some things you may have forgotten to ask the vacation rental manager when you booked your property. Most of these things you do not think about when booking a trip, but could turn out to be a nightmare if not known ahead of time. These are the questions that you need to ask after you already booked, but before you leave home for your trip.

1. Do I need to bring linens? This is very important. It includes towels and sheets for your bed. If you were to stay at a hotel, you would be provided with these items and they would be washed daily by a maid service. This is not always the case with a vacation rental. In many instances, renters are required to bring these items along. Imagine not having a towel for drying upon completion of your shower.

2. Any special rules regarding the community? Many of the properties you will encounter are part of an association. Most associations have rules and regulations that you will need to know about. For example, a community may require that you wear a wrist band to use amenities such as the pool. You will need to know information such as this before you begin your trip.

3. Emergency contact. This is a no brainer. Who do you call if there is a problem with the house? What if the faucet starts leaking water all over the place? What if the toilet overflows? Make sure you have the property manager's cell number and procedures for any type of household emergency.

4. How will I get the keys? This can make your arrival very frustrating if not arranged before you leave. Are you picking the keys up at a management office such as with an agent? What hours are they open? If this is the case, make sure you know the hours of operation and where the rental office is located.

5. Where do I park? How many cars can I park? This could pose a problem if your party is traveling in multiple vehicles. If there is only one parking spot, you need to know where additional cars can park.

6. Know the closest emergency center or hospital. You're most likely thinking, I'll call 911 if I get hurt. But please remember that not everywhere has a 911 service implemented and think about how much that ambulance ride will cost you. Knowing the nearest hospital can also save time since you will not need to fumble around on your smartphone to locate it.

7. What if I leave early? What if you leave before the check out time is upon us? Do you leave the keys in the house or do you drop them off at the rental office? What if the office is closed?

8. What destination specific items do I need to bring. For example, a beach rental may already have surf boards included.

9. Where does my trash go? What day is garbage day? You will need to place your trash and recycling where specified by the owner.

10. Any other house specific questions about the vacation rental such as "Do I need to put chemicals in the hot tub?"

11. Network credentials for wireless network. If the vacation rental comes with wireless internet access, make sure you know how to access it before you leave. Trying to figure out how to do this while on vacation is a waste of valuable vacation time.