Venetian Tradition In The Hospitality Industry – Hotel Saturnia & International

Hotel Saturnia & International and its venetian tradition

The Hotel Saturnia is one of those few Hotels in Venice that are not "Just an Hotel" in town, many of the accommodation facilities in town are simply buildings born to accommodate the increasing demand of potential guests willing to visit the serenissima and its unique lagoon , especially all the new hotels that are impressively quickly growing nowdays, are just a simple business aimed enterprises ….

Have you ever been in a four stars Venice Hotel with very little service, no restaurant, no bar facility etc. etc. so then you should have clear what I am intending.

Hotel Saturnia owners are just simply doing their job as mission, are hoteliers for passion, tradition, ambition, keeping their great 4 stars hotel since 4 generations and operating under the same family named management since 1908. If you ever had the chance to stay in a hotel like this one in Venice, or somewhere else (since I do not know any similar in town) after or before Hotel Saturnia you will notice that a hotel is not just just rooms where to rest.

A Hotel with a restaurant may be important, and a great Hotel simply can not be without it, a great Hotel must guarantee service with its staff and not simply hand-in the keys of your room.
Hotel Saturnia has more than 100 employees for 90 rooms and all the divisions are directly managed from the managements / owners so no outsourcing for maintenance, maids, dishwasher, maids etc. etc. this policy does have a cost but the result is in a great service to the guest that is always first at the Hotel Saturnia.

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