Vacation Packages for Teens

Teenagers are the hardest to get on a vacation. They will talk about getting away from it all, but when it comes to picking a destination they will be stumped, because there are very few vacation packages that are built with teenagers in mind. Teenagers make up a large amount of the buying population, and there are a few companies that are accepting of this.

When picking a vacation package you should pick activities that your teen will be into. You might think that your son will love a daily adventure hike because he was in the Scouts when he was younger, but his tastes may have changed to dance or cooking. In doubt, ask your child what they want to do, and do not take sleeping for an answer. Many big companies offer a wide range of activities, but these can be repetitive and some cater mainly to youngger teens rather than those aged 15 and over. Other companies are seeing the massive teen market and are deciding to cash in being giving teen what they want; each other.

Teenagers love to hang out and talk with people who are like them and they can do this in teen chill out rooms that area offered by resorts like Club Med and Beaches have exclusive rooms and activities for 12 to 17 year olds with a strict no adults and no kids policy. The larger the resort or hotel the larger the activities and rooms will be. Many have the standard discos at night and console game in the room, but others go further to include all night parties with alcohol free bars serving up until dawn, teen only pool areas, TV rooms with movies playing around the clock, and dance studios.

To combat this, book a vacation package that includes an activity plan that any teen will like. These plans will change depending on the destination, but some include heavily deducted entry to water parks, free tours of the city, and free wilderness walks. Again, letting your teen pick will save you trouble in the long run.

Another thing to consider when booking vacation packages is the choice to include car rental. You might want it, but if your teen is old enough to drive then allowing them the freedom of driving in a different country can only boost their self-esteem and make you the 'cool' parent. Early morning flights are also a traditional no-go zone for many teenagers.