Things to Do in Seattle During a Vacation or Layover

Remember the Seattle Supersonics? Or how about the days of Nirvana and grunge rock that ran through the entire US Some of the greatest things can be found in Seattle, whether it's bands, coffee or landmarks like the Space Needle.

Here some things that are great and still around in Seattle.

The aforementioned Space Needle is must for any visit to Seattle. It's one of the most recognized landmarks in the entire country. Once you've grown weary of the Space Needle you actually do not have to go to far for the next piece of entertaining Seattle real estate in the Music Project. It's Seattle's own rock and roll museum. Forget about Cleveland rocking.

For the more creativity, visit the Seattle Art Museum. It's home to an estimated 2,000 objects or art and other remnants.

Chances are you're going to be a bit hungry after all that brain-muscle flexing. For that you should head down to the Pike Place Market for also sorts of trees and goodies and possibly the best in fresh fish in the entire country. It's been called the 'Soul of Seattle.'

If you're more of a nature lover than you should march your legs all the over to the Washington Park Arbor Eden. It's bigger than a football and one of the most scenic parks you'll come across.

If you're looking for more to do in Seattle than I would recommend taking a live show at night or relaxing in a coffee house on the cooler nights.