The Best Way to Advertise Vacation Rentals

Advertising for vacation rentals from Lake Tahoe, Nevada to the Caribbean has changed over the last few years to the property owner's advantage. Five years ago, property owners depended on traditional newspaper classified ads to get customers. Newspapers charge anywhere from $ 50.00 to $ 100.00 to run three lines of text for 30 days (up to $ 1200 per year), and clearly have limited reach compared to the global reach of the internet. Websites listing vacation rentals charge an average of $ 100 per year to list a property.

Today, property owners can tap into the reach of the internet, but it can be overwhelming and confusing, so where to start to maximize the power that the internet has to offer?

Start from the renter's perspective. Renters today are accredited to searching the internet for available properties that meet their requirements. Check out a few of the popular sites by typing in some common Google search keywords like "book Tahoe rentals" or "book Maui vacation rentals."

You will find a dictionary worthy of listing sites to advertise your vacation rental but what makes a good site to place your advertisement on? Here are some features to consider when pondering your next advertisement.

  • Look for websites that show properties by description, location, size, rates and sleeping capacity and a nice presentation of pictures.
  • The site should allow you to clearly describe details of you rental. For example; bed size and bed count, map, bathroom count, kitchen accessories, workout room, pools, hot tub and all the amenities that come with your vacation rental.
  • Your listing should identify your homes policy on deposit, cancellation, check-in / out, cleaning fees and minimum night stay.
  • The listing site should provide you with a quick search that allows you to drill down on your ideal accommodations.

Most renters do not trust sending their hard-earned money they have borrowed for their family vacation to someone they do not know. Setting up a fully detailed advertisement that presents a professional representation of your home will go a long way to building the trust a renter must have before they send you their rental fees.

The "All-in-One" listing and booking site that some sites offer is a "must list" as it allows renters to view and book your home for their vacation instantly, drastically reducing your administration time in managing your rental property.

It will take you about 30 minutes to upload your home, once you've collected photos and electronic copies of your custom rental agreement and other necessary information.