Siberian Vacation

Siberia is one of the regions of Russia, which has become extremely popular among the tourists from different parts of the world. Siberia is the largest region of the Russian Federation, so occupations a great territory. Tourists coming to Siberia will have a chance to travel through the whole region by train, as Trans-Siberian railway stretches through the region.

Many famous cities are located in Siberia, so tourists will visit Numerous historical and architectural sights there. Siberian cities are unique, so all of them should be clearly visited any time a person comes to Siberia.

Siberia is one of the richest Russian regions, as there are numerous natural resources there. The territory is full of forests, minerals and other natural resources. Siberia is also a very important industrial region of Russia. Numerous foreign and Russian companies have already based their business in Siberia.

Lake Baikal is one of the most beautiful lakes of Russia and it is located in Siberia. Various tours are organized to this wonderful lake.

Tours to Lake Baikal
Various kinds of tours are organized to Lake Baikal, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Baikal has unique flora and fauna, which can be found somewhere else. Lake Baikal has always been attractive for the tourists, as they can see unique animal species there. The inner beauty of the lake can be seen, as the waters of the Baikal are pure.

Lake Baikal is known for its skiing resorts, where tourists can enjoy all sorts of winter activities. All ski resorts of Lake Baikal offer perfect accommodation with good services and entertainment. Tourists interested in winter activities will be involved in skiing, mountaineering and snowboarding.

There are several nature reserves located near Lake Baikal, which are located in the most picturesque part of the region, among mountains and beautiful rivers. All nature reserves are protected by the government. Various species of plants and animals are preserved there with great care. During the tours to the nature reserves tourists will certainly be able to see wonderful places and admire the nature of the region.

Traveling in Siberian cities
Trans-Siberian railway gives an opportunity to travel across Siberia. Just in a few days tourists travel across the whole region and get acquainted with the life of people, their traditions and history. Siberia is full of wonderful cities, where tourists can spend an unforgettable time. Some of the sights of the cities in Siberia have a worldwide fame.

The city of Tomsk has become a popular destination not only for the tourists, but also for the people searching for gold. Beginning from the time, when gold was found there, thousands of people came there in search of this precious metal. Tomsk is historical city, as it was founded four centuries ago. There are numerous museums and art galleries in the city, which are open for the visitors.

Novosibirsk is the largest Siberian city, which is the cultural, historical, educational and economic center of the region. Most foreign companies base their business in this wonderful city. Novosibirsk is really a wonderful destination for the tourists.