Proper Foot Care For Hikers

If you are new to hiking, you have likely experienced blisters and torn feet. Perhaps you even had trouble walking home. Sometimes you hear many positive travel experiences and you just have to try a popular hiking destination. Before you go for any type of walk or hike, it is important that you make sure you buy proper shoes and take proper care of your feet.

No matter what type of walking you do you need to properly condition your feet. Even the best-conditioned feet can have problems in hiking boots that aren't properly broken in. First, you need to avoid cotton street socks since they will produce hot spots, which quickly lead to blisters.

Unless you are getting cheap, unlined leather footwear, most of today's shoes require some breaking in before you take them on a long walk. Modern production methods and materials have lead to hiking boots that fit properly, provide adequate support and cushion the parts of your feet that need it.

If you are going to do any type of walking exercise whether it be hiking, jogging, backpacking or running you need to invest in a proper type of footwear. While shoes can be a bit expensive, it is important to spend a little extra otherwise your feet will end up paying the price. However, even with proper footwear you can be in for some painful times if you don't properly prepare your feet.

Walking is a popular form of exercise and recreation for many individuals. However, most individuals don't get nearly enough exercise. Even if you plan to get a few hikes in before your big backpacking trip, time will likely slip by and you won't have time to properly prepare yourself. If your feet aren't properly prepared then your feet won't hesitate to tell you they aren't up to the task of hiking.

The best way to prepare for your hike is by taking short walks around the neighborhood or in a nearby park. Consider a four-mile course at least three times a week in order to be properly prepared. Gradually build up to this distance. Starting out at a distance that is too long is no different from going into a trip unprepared. So be sure you start out with a distance that is comfortable for you and your feet before making gradual increases. If you skip a walk then take the time to work your way back up to that level. Skipping one walk, a week isn't bad, but if you miss too many then you should start over from the beginning in order to properly prepare your feet.