Los Angeles Vacation – Fun Things to Do in the City

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States. It is an ideal vacation choice for tourists who want to visit various places in one city. Aside from the glamorous celebrations and paparazzi everywhere, Los Angeles has more to offer than what you see on the silver screen. The city's temperate climate makes it a perfect destination for a lot of outdoor activities. LA can provide you a wonderful vacation experience during your stay. Here are six fun things you can do when having a vacation in the city:

6 Things to Do When Visiting Los Angeles

• Visit Universal Studios. Do not miss going to Universal Studios when you're in Los Angeles. It is a famous theme park featuring your favorite television shows and movies. Universal Studios is a popular destination because of its great attractions and entertaining live shows. You can also see in this place the replica of famous Jaws adventure ride, King Kong adventure and Psycho house.

• Surf at Malibu Beaches. Enjoy the heat of the sun and go to the beaches in Malibu. If you love to surf, you can go to Zuma Beach and enjoy the water waves. You can also check out Muscle Beach where Arnold's Schwarzenegger's old gym is located. Another beach you can visit is the Manhattan Beach where you can see a lot of boys and girls to hang out with.

• Take a Tour at Warner Brothers Studio. Reserve a tour at Warner Brothers Studio in Los Angeles. It will be one-of-a-kind experience since Warner Brothers Studio is not a theme park, but an actual film production area. Trying out this tour will offer you the chance to peek at some of Hollywood movies behind the scene production. The tour typically lasts up to two hours.

• Shop at Third Street Promenade. For a shopaholic, going to Third Street Promenade is your chance to go shopping. It is an outdoor mall few meters away from the beach. Also, the place is very accessible via public transportation.

• Enjoy an adventure at Olvera Street. If you prefer a Mexican-themed adventure in Los Angeles, then go to Olvera Street. The place has a lot of Mexican restaurants that offer mouth-watering dishes. You can also visit souvenir shops to buy things you can bring at home as memorabilia.

• Try Hiking at Runyon Canyon Park. LA is like a home for various beaches and resorts, but the place also offers hiking activities. For the adventurous type tourists, you can go hiking at Runyon Canyon Park. Even famous actors and actresses visit the place to have some external hiking activity.

Visiting Los Angeles offers you various activities to enjoy. Have fun going to different places in the city. Discover its rich culture and local traditions. Your Los Angeles vacation will be worth your time and money.