Las Vegas – The Best Way to Enjoy a Las Vegas Vacation is When it is Free


Yes, I said a free Vacation to Las Vegas, and no I have not had a few too many free cocktails at my favorite Las Vegas casino. Over the last few years I have made many trips to Las Vegas and a couple of them have been free. The trips included airfare and hotel. With those two major expenses taken care of, I had more money to see shows, eat in fancy restaurants, and gamble.

You have to remember that finding a free vacation will take a little effort on your part, so if your willing to exchange a little time for an airline ticket and a free hotel room this information is for you.

The first way to acquire a free vacation is not for people who can not end a lousy sales person talking to you for one to two hours. If you can constantly say no, then taking advantage of the companies selling timeshares may be for you. Simply go to your favorite online search engine and type in timeshares and you will be seeing a lot of companies offering vacations and other gifts, if your interested simply contact them and sign up. If you can not take a two-hour presentation, or you can be talked into buying things you do not need avoid this method at all cost.

I went through one timeshare company and three hours and saying about a hundred times, I finally left with my vacation package. I had to pay the taxes and wait about sixty days before I could actually go because of date restrictions, but finally with a little persistence I enjoyed my free, three-day vacation in Las Vegas.

The second way I won a vacation was by entering a sweepstakes on the Internet. Well, actually I entered about twenty! I remember my girlfriend telling me there was no way I could win. So when I did win and it included three nights at the Bellagio I made her apologize before I took her with me!

The third way is to search all your local charity raffles. I can usually find several a year that offer inexpensive tickets with a chance to win a free Las Vegas Vacation. I always buy these tickets and if I do not win at least the money goes to a good cause. Sometimes you can find these raffles on the Internet locally or all across the country with your favorite search engine.

Always remember that even if you win a free Las Vegas vacation you will have to pay the taxes. So if you are willing to invest a little time and effort a free vacation can be yours.