How to Have the Best Vacation Ever

Obstacles to your best vacation ever

It’s not everyone who can have a tropical Island vacation. Soft sandy beaches, clear blue water, amazing marine life and a sunset to die for. To have the best vacation ever for most people they really only have three obstacles deterring them from taking that leap of faith:

  • Fearing the unknown – Where to go, because you’ve never experienced a really special place
  • Expense – The cost of going on a vacation of a lifetime
  • Time – Having time off from work and other commitments

It can be a little scary going overseas on vacation to a place you have never been to. This will be the vacation of a lifetime that you will never forget and you’ll gain so much wisdom through your experiences with another culture. Your friends may think you’re nuts, and I’ll bet they would rather stay home and watch TV or go to a bar, which is OK if they enjoy that. But don’t you want something more meaningful?

Way back in 1980 in my home town I did the unheard of. I quit my job and joined my Australian and Kiwi friends in London. A few weeks later I purchased a train ticket and toured most of Europe with next to no money. I wish I could have taken this advice way back then from someone who gave insight and given me a few traveling tips. Instead I packed my backpack with everything I owned that I could fit in it, including a three piece suit, and it was a hot 27C summer! I was so naïve then. The experience opened up an opportunity and later that year I moved to Italy for two years. I because no one could speak English I had to learnt Italian just to get by. Today, I still keep in touch with the Italian families I was with.

What expense?

The cost of your dream vacation may seem daunting if you think of going somewhere like Hawaii or the Caribbean. Hotels can be hundreds of dollars a night and the food in restaurants and hotels are so expensive. There’s no doubt you’ll live like a king or Queen for a while. I think when you’re on a “Hilton” vacation you lose out on real life experiences with the local people.

I recall one time when I was in Cebu, Philippines. In 1995 every foreigner was thought to be a super-rich American by the Filipino population, no matter where they were from. I had been to Robinson’s department store, bought a few tee shirts then decided I wanted to try traveling in a Jeepney back to the hotel, just like the local Filipinos do. A Jeepney is a stretch Jeep, a sort of mini bus that takes around 20 passengers. When I asked a woman which Jeepney I needed to take, she told me to take a Taxi. I replied “but it’s no fun in a Taxi”. She looked at me astounded! Foreigners didn’t ride in Jeepneys, but sometimes they’d marry a Filipna and own a Jeepney.

What I’m alluding to is that you don’t need to spend a heap of money on a vacation to gain some exceptional experiences.

Let me tell you of a tropical island in the Philippines called Boracay. There are heaps of nice videos on YouTube by traveller’s you can view so I won’t tell you here how much fun the Island is. I think Boracay’s best attraction is that everything you want to do on a 7 km long tropical island, is there for you to experience. And the cost of living in the Philippines is at least half what you’ll pay back home.


Our most valuable resource. Your boss may allow you three or four weeks vacation leave a year. You can maximise your vacation if you take time off during public holidays. For example, over Christmas you may have four or five days public holiday leave. Many businesses allow their staff to take additional leave such as leave taken/paid in advance, accumulated leave, un-paid leave or a combination of leave entitlements.

So how will you get a Vacation of a Lifetime at the lowest possible cost and take the maximum number of days leave?

You PLAN your vacation well in advance using the experience of other people who have been there before you.

Looking for romance?

If you are single and thinking of going to the Philippines with friends, or not, let me tell you a truth. Most Filipinos really like westerners and are friendly towards you. It would not be difficult for you to attract someone. However you should always take precautions like you would in your own country. Be aware of people who seem to try overly hard to be your friend, and trust your instinct. You will also find your own countryman on vacation on Boracay as there are many diverse nationalities taking advantage of a Boracay vacation.

I have been visiting the Philippines regularly since 1995. If you want to extend your vacation to visit other places in the Philippines I welcome your enquires and can recommend accommodation and places to visit in Manila, Cebu and Bohol Islands.

So Plan, save your money, accumulate your leave and have the best vacation ever.