How The High Gas Prices Affect Tourism

With gas hovering around $ 3.25 a gallon. With prices going up this early in the year, some are concerned those prices could affect summer tourism. Tourism Centers hasn't seen a drop in tourism or conventions because of high fuel prices yet. Tourism affects quality of life and affects the amount of property taxes the local residents end up paying. Business in tourist area feel the pinch when people reduce their travel budget because of high gas prices.

The gas prices continue to sufficiently increase, people will change their behavior. These increases in expenditures mean people spend less on other goods and services, it's not likely they'll be buying big screen TV or going out to a fancy dinner.

Traveler say that they will stay closer to home and do less sight seeing while in the vacation area to cut expenses. some say they are planning on staying shorter period because hotel expenses are also up.

Gas prices are definitely a big concern, tourism is not showing any sign of growth over the past couple months, before the gas prices started to go up, it had not been any steady growth. From the report I've read some of the statistics showing some decreases in their hospitality industry business, summer is the season. When the increases in the number of visitors entering, at this point normally rate would be up. Local Hospitality are hopeful, that tourist taking shorter trips will soften the impacted on there economy.

Gas prices are creeping up to the $ 4 mark, which will probably affect the summer tourism season, hotel depend on business from business and tourist travelers, That might be a problem as gas prices continue to climb and cause people to change there travel plans.

There's a point where gas prices reach and increase to where families can not cope with it any longer, where recreational traveling starts to be affected, you just don't have away to gauge when that point will be reached. As a tourist seeing that the gas prices increased $ .66 in one week. It may be a good time to start planning your trip. According to the latest report that President Bush release he does not see that the oil that OPEC has agreed to release will have any effect on price reduction to help relieve any of the pain at the pump.