Hotel Room Reservation – How to Properly Book a Quality Hotel Room at a Discounted Rate

You just got the word from your boss that he has given you two weeks off from work and you are ready to take the family on a great vacation where could just forget about everything and have a great time. You have the destination picked up there is only one small problem and that is booking a hotel room reservation. What hotel should you go for and how can you get the best discounted rate possible? I have been on many vacations in my 40 years of life and I will try to give you some tips on how to properly book a room at a great hotel and get the best price possible.

The first thing you should do when looking for a hotel room reservation is to let your mouse do the walking and go online. Most hotel rooms have special deals with online hotel booking websites in which you are giving a discount of between 30% and 50% off of some great rooms at 3 star and 4 star hotels. One of the reasons that these online websites are allowed to give you such a great discount is that they save the hotels a lot of money on marketing expenses. It costs a lot less to get a lead through website then it would through conventional marketing methods. Another little secret that you should know is that many great hotels these days have quite a few empty rooms that are not being rented out (and this is probably because of the recession that we are in), and they are losing money because of this and they need to get these rooms rented out as soon as possible and will usually bend over backward to give you a great rate on them

Now that you're armed with all this knowledge the next step would be to shop around at all the hotel hotel booking sites to see which ones would give you the best discounted rate possible on a room.

There are many brand names as far as internet hotel booking sites such as Travelocity and and these are among the most well known sites on the Internet but are they the cheapest? These sites are very well known because you have seen all of their commercials on the Internet, but remember that these commercials cost a tremendous amount of cash to pay for and guess who usually ends up paying for them?

That's right, you and me. There are many middle range online hotel booking sites so make sure when you are shopping around for a room to go through these sites also as they are the ones that do not shell out millions of dollars for TV commercials which means that they can pass down a greater amount of savings and discounted rates to you. Do not fall for supplementary advertising methods and you will usually get the best price possible.

Good luck and have a safe and fun vacation.