Happy Independence Day! Enjoy All of the Independent Ways of Celebrating Your Nation or Vacation

Yes, indeed, July 4 is the day that we all come together as a nation to remember and assert our independence. We do so lovingly, unconditionally and also metaphorically. By lighting fireworks, of large, beautiful, or phenomenal displays of color, light, and sound; we remember and are astounded by the revolutionary fight of our forefathers.

We may also feel so humbled to acknowledge and say a prayer for our current troops that are around the globe securing, protecting and sacrificing their independence for us to assume collective independence nationwide.

Our country has always been the leader and example of world peace, peaceful communications and setting a higher bar of standards for other countries, on the globe, to follow.

Take a few moments, each and every day in prayer to show love and appreciation for the service men and women in all government and service operations to be safe, comfortable and free wherever they land, work or choose to live.

As Americans, it is more of a time to stand together in collective effort of love, positive energy, faith, and to do so in the name of sovereignty.

It is a time for demonstrating the utmost care, love, and humility that is necessary for the safe return of our troops to operate and engage their life work and efforts with our love and support that is energized by collective positive energy.

With this country of ours being as multicultural, massive and inter-connected, it is a great chance to take the stride to get to know more of the cities and states, within our own borders, that you wish to visit as a considered vacation destination for 2017.

If you covet a visit to France, stop and embrace, and take a chance to enjoy The French Quarter in New Orleans! Its look and atmosphere is a beautiful preview of what can also be experienced within your own border, with the flavor of France in the mix.

Savor the many traditions, foods, habits and customs of France, and do so without the use of your passport.

Visit New England for a taste of old-world flare by visiting The Boston Harbor, or anywhere else you choose to visit in Massachusetts is really beautiful!

Enjoy the seafood, even if you don’t eat seafood, go to the docks and just watch life at the harbor. Those people are amazing and do a lot of great work, and they have done their fine work since their families first came here over 200 years ago.

Go to scenic Colorado, or historic New Mexico and enjoy a taste of native American culture, no need to go to South America or anywhere before visiting these beautiful states all within our own borders. NO passport required!

I wish you a wonderful Independence Day and encourage you to think of independent ways of enjoying the borders within our country that house The United States of America.

**** I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~