Hands Free Traveling: Just Your Passport and Ticket

Traveling and going on the perfect adventure is all fun and exciting. However, the process to get to the destination isn’t much fun itself. Many passengers who travel for lengthy stays in one destination know the stress that comes with carrying extra luggage with necessities and lugging around bags at airports. Not only do they have to drag luggage around, but they also must wait in line to get their bags checked. Luckily, luggage shipping companies have come up to the rescue to provide a solution, so travelers won’t have to deal with the burden of dragging bags at the airport and waiting in long lines to get them checked.

Now Customers no longer must rush to the airport to make sure they have enough time to check their luggage. You can ship your luggage early and have it waiting at the destination. A lot of time, families who are traveling in large groups often must carry a lot of luggage with everyone’s necessities in them. Many times, they end up paying hefty fees for overweight luggage. For passengers who travel with sports gears, instruments or even their bikes, it usually cost to go through checking at the airport, so to have the option to travel hands-free and have all your bags and sports gears waiting for you at your hotel is a perfect relief. Here is how it works with these companies.

It starts off as if you are booking a trip for the luggage. Options are given for whether it’s for a round trip, One-way or multi-city trip; with that, you choose the origin city and destination city. Some companies even provide services for passengers going on cruise vacations. Once the city location is selected, passengers pick out the size and weight of the luggage from available options and choose the amount of luggage. For the most part, pricing for each option is seen on the companies’ websites for different sizes, weight and amount of luggage. Once the baggage size and weight are verified, passengers then select time for pick up to destination and what time luggage gets picked up from the destination. Passengers get to choose whether they want a fixated time, which costs more or whether they choose from an estimated time range. The option to have luggage shipped express or at standard time is also available. Afterwards the passenger gets to input the specific address for pick up and drop off location along with bags details and the value of the items for insurance purposes. Some companies even guarantee money back for any damage or loss to the luggage. Once all the above is completed, the final step is to just confirm and pay. You will be ready for their adventure without having to drag any heavy luggage behind or go through the process of checking bags. It saves time also, because you no longer must rush to the airport super early to wait in line and get your bags checked. You can just print your ticket and go straight through security.

Luggage shipping companies let you check the status of the bags or gears that you are shipping. You will be able to know the exact location for your bags as they are on the way to the destination. Being able to have the luggage shipped before the flight is excellent. Travelers no longer must travel and stress out about pushing multiple luggage at the airport. Especially with families who are traveling with their children for the perfect vacation. They can just ship their luggage and ahead of time and travel stress-free.