Grand Hotel De La Minerve – Another Splendid Luxury Hotel From the Eternal City of Rome

The famous Rome is not called the Eternal City just for the sake of it. The traditions and customs inherited from the ancient times still dominate certain areas of people's contemporary existence. When talking about luxury and good life one should remember the magnificent ancient architecture and try to find similarities with the modern five star hotels that you can easily stumble upon in Rome these days.

In this article we are going to describe another splendid luxury hotel from the same Eternal City of Rome. It is called "Grand Hotel de la Minerve". There is a lot of history involved around this hotel. Those of you who actually have heard of the reminiscent places of ancient mighty Rome know very well where to find Gian Lorenzo Bernini's "Pulcin del la Minerva" monument. It is composed of a small obelisk carried by a splendidly sculpted elephant. Experts claim that this piece of art is a mix of Egyptian crafts and Baroque style.

Anyways, the "Grand Hotel de la Minerve" is situated between the mighty Pantheon and the famous Church of "Santa Maria Sopra Minerva". The location of this hotel is enchanting even for newcomers who have no idea about its existence and would easily satisfy all their luxury and accessibility needs. Being located in the heart of the historical Rome, it is a prime location for you to take into consideration. Among the above mentioned edifices arises the "Grand Hotel de la Minerve" which has quite some history behind, being a hotel even since the end of the 16th century.

When thinking about five star luxury hotels in Rome you simply can not miss this one. You should also know that it has been recently renovated to better satisfy each and every possible guest and to offer the best opportunities to the ruling clientele. Nowadays, the "Grand Hotel de la Minerve" comes with complete ultra modern 21st century amenities and offers more then one hundred rooms including suites, junior suites, superior and deluxe.

Is not that what you really want while spending your vacation in Rome?