Fractional Ownership Vacation Properties

Fractional ownership is a concept that started with jets. It allowed those who wanted occasional access to jets to own part of them for use and did not have to worry about tarmac fees, and maintenance. This allows the buyer to enjoy the benefits of enjoying a jet without paying the full price of full ownership. These days, fractional ownership can be applied to just about anything with fractional ownership in real estate becoming more popular.

When many people hear about fractional ownership, they think that it is the same thing as purchasing a timeshare but the two are very different. The only thing one owners after purchasing a timeshare is the right to use that piece of property for a certain period of time. The value of a timeshare also usually decreases over time. With fractional ownership, the buyer has an actual title and deed, which they can then do whatever they would like with it. They can leave it to a loved one in their will or even sell it. Also, if the value of the property increases over time, the value of the fractional ownership will also increase.

Buying into fractional ownership has the advantages of investing in a low maintenance piece of property. In fact, there is virtually no maintenance with these opportunities. One never has to worry about upkeep, repairs, or housekeeping. This is because of the initial purchase, there is a small annual fee, which will take care of everything related to the property. This fee will also cover any amenities the property features such swimming pools, fitness centers, and golf courses. Many other facilities that are exclusive to fractional ownerships are the perks that they include. With many fractional ownerships, Owners may have the staff at these communities pre-stock the fridge before the owner arrives, pick them up at the airport, rent a car and have it ready for them at the property, and make dinner reservations.

There are many beautiful communities that are now offering fractional ownership. One of these is Lighthouse Key resort and spa in Orlando, Florida. This beautiful resort community is currently selling shares in 1 / 13th increments. This will entitle the buyer to use the property for four weeks out of the year. This property has two-bedroom units available for approximately $ 40,000 and four-bedroom units available for $ 80,000. Another perk that this community offers is that if the buyer can not use all four weeks, the remaining time can be placed into a rental program, allowing the owner to actually make money off of their property.

The small annual dues at Lighthouse Key include the usage of the community amenities such as a billiards and arcade room, a movie theater, a luxurious clubhouse, a fitness center, and a beautiful pool.

To decide if fractional ownership is the right choice for you, you must look at such factors as to whether you will gain full use of the property year after year and if the property has any likelihood of increasing in value. The current market and the cost of entry should also be analyzed. Fractional ownership can be a wonderful way to create a beautiful getaway that you can visit year after year without paying the full cost.