Five Top Vacation Rental Tips

While some of us are still bundled up in winter coats, early birds have begun to plan the reserves for their summer vacation rentals. Let us unlock the five vacation rental tips for you to use as a guide when you are searching for your summer dream house.

The timing for making your vacation rental is especially important. Find out the peak seasons where ideal vacation places get snapped up quickly which is often during holiday weeks and summer months. If you are planning to go to a certain place that is notorious for being a hot-spot during a holiday season, you have to start planning months and even a year early.

Pricing of popular vacation spots during holiday seasons or summer months are clearly going to cost you more. Months like July and August are in the high season, and you can save at least 30% to 50% if you make reservations for late May and early June. You will also be able to save cost if you wait until after Labor Day or book a beach vacation spot in September.

The next thing you can do is to be resourceful and avoid hiring rental agents to get a vacation rental for you. Spend time researching online as online rental owners can be beneficial too, providing pictures and description of the rental property for you to check out. Since you are able to correspond with the vacation rental owner through email, you can save on phone bills.

Check with the rental vacation owner about facilities that are available before you make an investment. Since kitchenware and utensils are provided generally, you may want to know other details such as Internet access and availability of washer and dryer. If you are planning to bring pets, check if the rental is pet-friendly.

Protect your investment by paying with a credit card. If you find that your vacation dream home is unsatisfactory, you can always get protected by the fair billing act. Bear in mind that payment options and cancellation policies are different for vacation home owners than that of hotels. Get the details regarding off season and peak season policies right. Work on a payment schedule to avoid paying a big sum of money at one time.