Fitness Training Is Not On Vacation – Merry Christmas

Just because it is that time of the year that we are on a 2 week break does not mean that your fitness training program is on vacation as well. I know it is nice to have a break from the hard weekly workouts but it is so important to keep up some sort of fitness program ladies …..

I would encourage you to have fun with your family and friends and just make it a game. Here is a great idea for a way that you can keep up your fitness program but with a twist ….

It is called the Commercials Workout

Equipment Needed:


Carpet / mat

Chair / benches / couch

Perform exercise assigned to each commercial theme. There are no
specific repetitions, execute the exercise for the duration of the given
commercial. Continue this through an entire show (works great with
sporting events).

Auto Commercials- Push ups

Drug Commercials- Prisoner Squats (hands behind your head)

Food Commercials- Burpees

Movie / Show previews- Knee tucks

Insurance Commercials- Lunges

Just think of how much fun you and your family can have while watching TV. You can even add in your own commercial catigories and exercises into this so for every show you watch, it will change. The opportunities are endless. The main point is to make sure you are doing SOMETHING and not just sitting around and not moving your butt during this time of the year that most people gain weight. Have fun with this and Have a Very Merry Christmas.