Family Florida Vacation – Frequently Asked Questions

Considering taking a family Florida vacation? I thought it'd be great if I could answer some of your frequently asked questions about Florida vacations:

What's the deal with all-inclusive vacations?

An all-inclusive vacation is when you are paying a set price to get a "package" deal for your vacation. This means that things like meals are included in the purchase price. Is this a savings? Well sometimes it can be but truthfully it usually is not. I have found that you can get stuck paying for a lot that you will not even have time to do on your vacation. I would suggest looking at what you want to do on the vacation, and pricing those things separately before going the all-inclusive route.

Is Disneyworld the only family place to vacation in Florida?

Of course not! Disney is certainly the most popular, but there are several other family-oriented vacation areas. Florida is a very warm and beach filled atmosphere, with tons of resorts up and down the coast, competitive for your vacation dollars. Another myth is that Florida is a retirement community. Sure, there are plenty of older folks, especially in certain areas, but there are many, many places for great family fun.

Is it actually possible to visit Disneyworld and not come home bankrupt?

Yes, but you need to be smart. There are several ways to save money when going to Disney. Hotels are now much more affordable then they use to be. Disney has some nice hotels that include free transport to the parks. Buying tickets as packages can also save you a bundle.

I hope you have lots of fun on your family Florida Vacation!