Executive Protection – Hotel Advance Work

With the recent hotel bombings in Jakarta, vigilance must be given, as attacks can happen when they are least expected. The following provides a quick checklist in what to look for in good hotel security, prior to your client checking into the hotel.

Hotel protective barriers at driveway leading to hotel, closed-circuit television throughout the interior and exterior, good communications, positive entry control, intrusion detection systems on exterior doors to the hotel, good lighting. Other key aspects include organized lock and key control procedures, guest package and mail control. security personnel reliability and inspection of all vehicles entering the hotel property. The hotel needs to be able to prevent terrorism through protective and preventive anti-terrorism measures.

Hotel security personnel need to check for booby traps during their patrols, vary their routes and schedules, vary daily schedules and prevent direct access by the public to sensitive areas of the hotel including the loading docks and employee entrances. As well as report suspicious incidents, individuals, vehicles, packages, and so forth to the police immediately for follow up.

When conducting advance work in Third World trouble spots look for the following security upgrades in the hotel in question:

Hardened concrete hotel entrances with bullet-resistant glazing.

Hydraulically operated vehicle crash barriers within hotel driveways.

Hotel gates designed to limit the number of personnel passing through at one time.

Excellent hotel perimeter and interior security lighting.

Excellent hotel security fencing.

Suicide bombings and other terrorists attacks can take place anywhere at anytime. But through good planning and careful advance work you can avoid hotels that have the most risks. Keep safe out there and God speed.