Enjoy a Frugal Yet Fun London Vacation

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world, but it is also one of the most expensive places to travel. Exploring the city can be pricey with the booking of airframes and hotel accommodations, as well as paying for meals and guided tours. If you want to travel without spending too much money, look for affordable hotels and observe the tips below.


Start planning your trip in advance by selecting possible dates. Sign up for travel offers from different websites that send out newsletters regularly. Watch the deals closely as they often send out special offers to fly to London. While these sites may charge you a service fee, they can combine flight segments from different airlines to give you good deals.

Flying in and out of the same airport is often less pricey than arriving at a different airport. It is not only the flight tickets that are inexpensive, but the car rentals as well. Plan in advance and visit discount sites to check if there are better deals.


London houses some of the best restaurants in the world. Good food, though, often comes at a high price. Shop around and search for affordable cuisines if you are on a tight budget. There are some good deals in London offering varying specialties from India, Asia, and the Middle East. Think of dining on pub food or going grocery shopping. Ask around. People who live in the neighborhood probably know affordable places to eat.


Look for accommodations distant from the Thames. Distant accommodations tend to be less cost than those that are closer to the center of the city. Find affordable accommodation by making early reservations or by visiting the city during off-peak season. Look for 3 star hotels to save a fortune on accommodations in London. Some smaller hotel chains can even give you free upgrades. Instead of having two rooms, think of the two-bedroom suites that some hotels offer. These may end up being more affordable than booking two rooms. You can even get just as much privacy with your own room.


Research on multi-trip discounts if you are thinking of traveling to Europe. If the transportation is going to be long, think of traveling at night to save money and time. Pick up a tube map . The London Underground has many distinct lines that intersect. Arm yourself with a map to help you get around the city. For buses, check bus stops for a map of buses that serve the area. If you are in hurry or traveling late, a taxi may be more convenient.


Look beyond the high street chains and stores. Many travelers are surprised at the selection and quality of items they can find in discount stores. Some downtown stores offer quality items at a low price. Some of these are Wilkinsons and TK Max. These shops supply good quality household goods at a fraction of the cost.

Many people dream of visiting London. With just a little imagination and proper planning, you can travel to London on a budget. Start booking your airfare and hotel accommodation now.